Scaling & Polishing

Before we talk about treatment, let us talk about prevention. Regular check-ups are the best way to prevent gum disease. As mentioned earlier, at a regular interval we remove the plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease. We also examine your gums for any signs of disease.




Fissure Sealant

A fissure sealant is a very effective method of protecting molars from decay during childhood. Thorough brushing and flossing helps remove food particles and plaque from the smooth surfaces of teeth, but toothbrushes can’t reach all the way into the depressions and grooves to extract all food and plaque.



Root Planing

Some cases of acute periodontal (gum) disease that do not respond to more conventional treatment and self-care such as flossing may require a special kind of cleaning called scaling and root planning. The procedure begins with administration of a local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort.




The first sign of gum disease is redness and bleeding of the gums when brushing and flossing. This can be prevented with proper oral hygiene and most importantly having your teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals.




Periodontal Diseases

Gum disease that is left untreated can result in bone loss around the teeth. You need a perio-management programme. Please call us so we can assess and advise you on the treatment options that are available.




Tooth Decay

Cavities can be detected early if you visit your dentist regularly. Sensitivity when eating cold and sweet things is usually the first sign that there may be cavity. X-rays can be used to detect cavities in hard to see areas so don’t wait until you can see the hole.



Cosmetic Dentistry

If there is one thing you could change about your smile, what would it be? Let us help you.






Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a range of tooth whitening products to fit your budget. Sign up if you would like to attend our tooth whitening evenings so you can learn more about our products.






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